Information on Highlands and Islands Fire Services

We have a passion for saving lives, no fire department is simply getting to allow you to walk on and allow you to begin performing on driving a twenty thousand pound truck or enable you to throw a ladder against a burning building to save lots of a toddler and its favorite stuffed animal from the burning building. This career keeps its high name by hiring quality those who have experience in their field. If you’re simply obtaining out of high school and are over the age of eighteen, you’re eligible to require totally different tests for hearth departments everywhere the country. The fire service has smaller fire departments that need the soul to own totally different certifications and degrees to use.


The North was built to replace Maitland Street Fire Station in 1889 and served the North of the city, with its high fire risk of distilleries and factories.

When the station opened in April 1889, The Glasgow Herald reported that “On the ground floor is situated the engine house, with accommodation for a steam fire engine, a manual engine, and a hose and ladder carriage. In the centre of the building, and also on the ground floor to the front, is the watch room, from which an elaborate arrangement of fire alarm apparatus – telegraphs, telephones and house bells – are controlled. Behind the watch room are the baths and lavatories, in the construction of which the latest and most approved sanitary improvements have been introduced.

A reading or recreation room is situated overhead, and this, though somewhat small, is an exceedingly comfortable and cheery room, in which the men may occupy their leisure moments pleasantly and with profit.

On the other three floors of the front building, house accommodation is provided for 11 officers and their families. In the spacious court behind the main building are situated a two storey brick building, used as a stable and workshop and as dwelling houses for two coachmen. There are also two washing houses, a hose washing machine, and a hose drying stove or tower.

With these facilities the staff at the station will be able to clean and dry their own hose, and occasionally to relieve the Central staff, which during the past six months have frequently have been unable to deal with the large quantity of used and dirty hose requiring their attention.”

The station closed in 1984 to combine with the Central Fire Station at the new station in Cowcaddens.


Built in 1893 at the corner of Springburn Road and Keppochill Road. Initially a horse drawn station, Springburn was converted to a motorised Fire Station by 1913.  It served an area north of the city with extensive railway engineering works, a hospital and homeless institutions.

The old station was replaced with a new build in 1987 which continues to serve a large population.


The South was opened on 26th October 1916. Serving the area of the City south of the river Clyde, the South was the first Fire Station to be purpose built to accommodate motorized fire engines.

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